How to find the number of pages in each document in an Eclipse case
Applies to: Eclipse
Version: All

By default, Eclipse does not provide a page count for each document in a case. This information can be found via SQL.
One or more of the below resolutions require knowledge of T-SQL and/or SQL Management Studio; consult a qualified SQL administrator for assistance with these procedures. Back up any targeted SQL databases before executing any SQL statements. Assisting with these procedures is outside the scope of normal Ipro application support.

Possible resolution 1
  1. In SQL Management Studio, find the appropriate Eclipse case database. For more information see How to locate case databases for Eclipse, eCapture, Allegro.
  2. Execute the following statement against the Eclipse case database:

    SELECT D.DocumentKey, COUNT(*) AS Pages
    	FROM DocumentPages DP
    	JOIN Documents D
    	ON DP.DocId = D.DocId
    	GROUP BY DP.DocId, D.DocumentKey